Stumpmen is an experienced professional stump grinding and stump removal business that has been providing outstanding service to customers in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

Stump grinding and stump removal is a business that requires specialist knowledge and equipment and over the years Stumpmen has developed the expertise and capacity to meet all types of situations. Stumpmen has the largest dedicated stump grinder in Victoria.

Stumpmen’s key strengths are:

  •   Grinding 60 cm ( 2ft) below ground level when necessary
  •   Large diameter stumps – No size too large.
  •   Grinding root balls and stumps all in one
  •   Managing large scale grinding projects

Stumpmen is a fully insured business, Occupational Health and Safety Certified and we guarantee all our work.

Ring us for a quotation now on mobile 0428333281 or complete the contacts section of this website and we will contact you and determine your requirements.


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