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The World’s Leading Business Networking and Referral Organisation

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BNI is a proven business networking platform.

We provide the right environment, training and support

To generate qualified referrals

To facilitate business growth

To build trusted relationships

To get the upper hand on your competitors

Why you should join a BNI chapter

We Are The World’s Leading Business Networking and Referral Organisation

Expand your personal business

BNI groups are designed to help members expand their professional business networking activities.

Expand your personal business

Each group has only one member per professional category.

Gain referrals and leads

Members are encouraged to refer businesses to each other which can lead to new clients, customers or partners.

Gain referrals and leads

BNI has a strong, structured referral system in place.

Successful local area marketing

There is simply no better way to build a strong local referral program for your business.

Successful local area marketing

Enhance your Local Area Marketing (LAN) with BNI.

Gain confidence in your networking skills

By attending weekly BNI meetings you will have the chance to practise your networking skills in a supported environment.

Gain confidence in your networking skills

Business Networking can be intimidating. Practice and refine your pitch.

Increase your visibility

Increase visibility by attending weekly BNI business networking events and building relationships with other members.

Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility within your industry inside and outside of the room.

Develop stronger relationships

BNI groups meet weekly, which gives members the chance to build stronger relationships over time.

Develop stronger relationships

This can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.

In a global study over 90% or business leaders agreed the networking played a role in their success.

* Networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate referrals and revenue growth.




BNI Member Success Stories

BNI is built on a set of guiding principles which form the foundation on which members interact, conduct themselves and fulfil their goals. At BNI, we’re Changing the Way the World does Business®.

Through BNI I’ve grown multiple mutual relationships with aligned business professionals culminating in over $100k per year ongoing. Sales through BNI business connections now constitutes over 35% of our business and is a key marketing channel where my time, energy and marketing dollars are spent
Julian Robins
Telecommunications Systems-HC Cloud
BNI has provided a platform to build my business by exposing me to a thriving and supportive network, this has not only allowed my business to evolve and flourish, it has opened doors that have led to personal growth and professional success.
Omar Raslan
Building Inspector-Key Property Inspections
Since engaging BNI, I have grown my business turnover over 4 fold and have 8 staff and am on target to double my business again in the next 3 years. The contacts, business and networking skills I have gained from BNI is the primary reason for my success.
Max Kavanagh
Max Kavanagh-Back In Motion Brighton
BNI has challenged me to determine my ‘why’ and has given me the tools to communicate my ‘why’ effectively. I’m now converting 85% more sales leads with higher value clients.
Tim Allan
Commercial Photographer-TA Media
BNI has helped me to identify my ideal client AND how to approach them. To top it off, I am now also a confident public speaker.
Garry Nau
Electrician-GESA Electrical

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